tisdag 1 mars 2016

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It’s been forever since I updated here, but I have had my share of things to do. Like for instance helping a friends friend with a short film-sequence that is hopefully bound to become something big, and then I will be the costumer for the film/tv series(not decided what it will become just yet)! Iiiih, so exited! Anyway, just thought I share the fact that I am now on Instagram, if anyone would like more regular updates on more stuff than I show around here, like pictures from the filming of this pitch I talked about, and pictures of our apartment that is now a big building site since we are finally getting a new kitchen!!! 2016 seemes to become a pretty good year I’ll say… every week we visit our home to see the progress, and until it is done we live with my mom and dad in the house where I grew up. Hopefully it is done in about a month. Not that it is really painful to be back home, but we kind of live in bags now, and I can’t do much sewing at all..
Anyhow, you can follow me at https://www.instagram.com/anno1776/ , of course by the same name as the blog!

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