torsdag 3 mars 2016

Soirée Musicale

This last weekend we got invited yet again to our dear friend, the delightful monsieur P and his other half monsieur M at their town-apartment in southern Stockholm.  This was just one of many visits we have done, but I have been neglecting to write about them because of the reason that it is private gatherings in his private home, and not the regular reenacting settings. But since I have gotten the blessings to show his superb recreation of a 1880s salon/parlour and I can present the latest of my own creations – an 1890s dress, still not finished tho.

It is just breathtakingly beautiful, and this is pictures taken from previous visits when we have been drinking afternoon tea and having dinner parties alongside champagne tasting tests and literary evenings!  

As you can see I have been wearing pretty much the same dress for every evening occasion, my worth repro, and I wanted something new, not just a dining bodice which I settled for at first. And I had a lot of fabric in a dress I haven’t used in a very long time, my big 1740s pannier-dress, so I set out to pluck it apart and reuse the fabric which I did.
So bye bye old dress, hello new one:

And Peter has finally found a three piece frock-suit that fits him and that has a more stylish old look(it is vintage, if not even antique actually) with beautiful buttons. Here he is wearing my grandpas’ waistcoat and not the one belonging to the rest since the matching one is black – not really eveningwear if one wants to be really in fashion as a gentleman! I really need to make him a white brocade one that fits better to the rest tho.
My dress was in spite of being a tad short, wearable. In one full length shot when I sit down you can see the petticoat sticking out, and the thought was to put some sort of pink ruffle down there of the same silk as the sleeves and decor on the bodice. I say was because now I believe that will never happen…. After seeing the pictures from the evening I confess that I found the design of the dress not especially flattering on me, and with that the will to finish it went down the drain. But i really loved how my hair turned out even tho I had no decorations in it, the apollo-knot suited me rather well. I am much more enthusiastic of making a new dramatic dark dress for the next event which will be in the spiritualistic fashion of the late 1800s!

This evening was as the headline reads a musical evening, which means that monsieur P had invited three musicians that entertained the rest of us with a little concert containing a cello, a western concert flute and a violin. It was really beautiful, and they are greatly talented!   

 Sigge the french bulldog!

 Pictures by monsieur P:

I thank everyone for a wonderful evening, it is always a pleasure!

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