söndag 11 oktober 2015

Husqvarna Freja from the late 1800s

A few weeks ago I came across a little treasure one might say – a Husqvarna sewing machine model Freja. After a quick check via the Husqvarna museum and some talk with other interested friends, we calculated the machine to be one of the earliest models of Freja, that is to say, she, my machine, is probably from the mid-1880s to the 1890s. The first Freja came out in 1883, so mine is somewhere after that, but not long after.

And you know how much it cost me?
75 sek. That  is about 9 dollars, or 8 euros. That’s insane if you ask me! I am so truly happy for finding this little thing in a big pile of old sewing machines, most of them from the 50s-70s, but this little wooden box stood out, and I got it. I had no idea what was hiding inside at all, but oh how happy I am that I took the time to look at it!
I actually went to look at the one at the far left, but sadly that had been destroyed while they had it brought from the warehouse to the fleamarket store.
It is not in hundred percent tiptop shape, much of the nice decoration has come of through the years and the key is gone, and so are the whole lock really. And it smells quite a lot of old damp attic, but it is still my baby. I have quite the collection of different machines now, five I believe in total and all in working order from the 70s backwards, but I don't use them really. I have to show all of them sometime, but let us start with this, my oldest yet.

And then came the true test – would it run?
It did! I filmed as I tried both winding up the bobbin and then a test run on a piece of cotton fabric.
As you can see in the video it kept gliding on the surface of the table, we have a glass-top over the tablecloth to keep the table safe from damp since it is antique walnut 1860s furniture, but it is definitely not the best grip for Freja. And it is hard to keep her still while filming and running it at the same time!

It came without any form of manual on how to thread it  for example, so all is totally experimental from my part, since I haven’t been able to localise any similar machine, and Husqvarna has no manuals for these old ladies it seems. But I got it to work, and as I said, it is my most prrrreeciossss…

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