lördag 10 oktober 2015

The obligated Opera visit to start Society season!

In early september a little group of “Oscarians”( a Swedish appellation for “late Victorians”)went to see the season premiere of the classic ballet “Raymonda” at the Stockholm royal Opera house. We were a party of I think around ten people who had gotten hold of some boxes thanks to Patrik who works there. It was a fabulous evening that was wrapped up with a visit to a little bar that was located at the side of the Opera house. During the evening we got applause for our lovely costumes by the rest of the audience and apparently there were a few tourists there that became rather nervous and wondered if they should have known who we were!
Peter and I went in the same getups as we wore at the last Oscarsbal, but I had since gotten rid of, or rather put away the big flower decorations and replaced them with more ribbons instead, for a neater look. Sadly I believe this was the last time for me to wear that bodice, because I couldn’t move my arms at all without getting bad pinch marks. Well, a reason to make something new I guess, irritating enough I haven’t had the slightest inclination to work on anything at all sew-like the past months really, tried to force myself a little but we will have to see I guess.

 Pictures by Patrik;

The dress Catherine is wearing(in the middle) is an original piece from the 1880s, it is just gorgeous!

Thank you so much Patrik and all the rest, this is so happening again sometime!

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