tisdag 8 september 2015

17th century brought to life at Skokloster castle

You know how I said in the last post that I had some sewing to be done till this Sunday? That Sunday has now past and I can show you what I was working on!
At the end of the Drottningholm-day it was decided that I would come and help with the music once again for Pied en l’Air when they did their next performance, baroque dances at Skokloster (read more about it through the link) the week after. When there was one week left till the Drottningholm gig my friend Patrik contacted me to ask for help regarding part of a baroque costume he could wear at Skokloster, since the usual seamstress he hires was delayed. He was in a kind of panic and even if I am no seamstress and had no former knowledge of that century’s sewing, I couldn’t help but say yes, because I was so curious to try it out, and he had confidence in me that I could manage it, and that warmed me up! So I already participated in one sense, and therefor they thought I could just as well go along and help with the music too. But this meant I too needed a getup. Holy shit, I had one week to finish a justaucorps, long sleeved waistcoat, for Patrik and some sort of 17th century dress for me… since I had been totally up to my ears involved in a new pair of stays the week before I had no time to start on Patrik’s commission until the day after Drottningholm. So Sunday to Saturday was my timeframe, luckily I was all free that week. And I worked night and day, but I did it!!
This is what we looked like when it was all done, and I had sewed on the last fake buttons in the car on the way to Skokloster, on to his justaucorps.

It is all theatre fake, looking good on the outside but with so much illusion-work as can be. The buttons are fake all through, it closes in the front with snap fasteners that are hidden under glass pearl-beads with a brownish colour that workes as buttons, and it has no pockets under the pocket-lids. It is like 70% machine sewn, and so is my 1630s jacket.

 Work in progress, with Peter as a model.
And my jacket on the doll:

Since I was rather stressed I have few, or none really, process photos. But my jacket is mostly inspired and done after this V&A bodice from the 1630s, but I did a waist seam for different practical reasons and have no boned lining. And shorter “wings” over the sleeve seams. My bodice/jacket is closed with pins via the separate stomascher, and the lace has a loose strip at the front which is pinned on to the bodice front, and under the lace at the sides from the back.
I had no time to make a skirt in the same coral-coloured fabric so I instead used scraps to make details in the same fabric as the skirt I used, it is an odd colour combination but I got some compliments for it during the day so I guess it worked better than what I myself feel it does.
Ofcourse, after their dance performance we took the chance to go up into the hallways and through the rooms to take some pictures, sadly the rooms was too dark to get some good pictures from, so we ended upp only using the stairways and hallways which is marvellously gorgeous though, still looking the same since 1676!

A lot of window pictures, but it was such a wonderful light coming through, and since it was pouring down outside, the light was really non existing anywhere else than right there. Mine and Peters cameras sucked really bad in this lighting though, which made me really sad, it’s not like we get the chance to take pictures in this type of environment every now and again…  but we got some atleast even though they’re grainy.
But enough of the ego-boosting now, and let me show you the dancers that looked so pretty! And look at that fontange Katarina is wearing, it is just wow!

Look at that Fontange in the left down corner!!


I couldn't help but think about zombies when I saw his picture after I took it, they look like the walking dead baroque dancers edition!
And when they see you they attack..!
Patrik’s justaucorps was mostly inspired by this picture I found on pinterest, with the ending of the sleeves turned up like that. I have no picture of that detail on the one I did, but it has goldstrings attached to buttons just like in the panting at the elbow. 

After we had returned to our usual selves in ordinary clothing, we got a special little treat, a privat tour up in one of the castles towers for a glimpse in the armoury which they are quite known for, a big private collection of weapons and curious things from the 17th century which is still in its place.

And on our way home we got to see a double rainbow (not so clear in the picture though, but in reality it was super clear). Hope you enjoyed the post!

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