onsdag 2 september 2015

18th century day at Drottningholm palace

So, last week I got the question to help out with the music for a dancing performance that was to be conducted by the dance-group Pied en l’Air at the Drottningholm palace theatre. They needed the simple help of someone hitting play and paus at the right time, and that I could do even though I know nothing of dancing 18th century dances.
Off we went in full garb on the day in question, which was a theme day at the royal palace of Drottningholm, an 18th century day with dance, other performances and lectures/presentations on the day’s schedule.
Pied en l’Air was the opening ceremony of the day and we were all there earlier, the dancers did a last rehearsal and then got changed into their costumes, and I helped with some hair. 

The beautiful dancers of Pied en l'Air in the Déjeunersalon in the theatre
But while me and Peter who were all done was waiting a bit on the others to get ready I couldn’t stop myself from going on the stage and strut around, which we had full access to since we were backstage in the theatre. I have been on that stage before when I did another 18th century gig there as an extra, part of the interior sitting in one of the boxes during a show. But at that time we didn’t have time for that many pictures so I wanted to take the time now.
I thought I should show the pictures from the first time I was there since they were taken in the same place but at a different angle, taken from the box seat I was in. You can se Annica and Mike in the box across also. And a picture of me in my hedgehog done with my hair only, it was a one time thing...

The theatre was built in 1764-66 for the court of Gustav the III’s parents, Lovisa Ulrika and Adolf Fredrik, and is now one of the best preserved and still used 18th century theatre.  

It had its golden days during the late 18th century and when Gustav III was king since he was utterly amused by such things. Most of the surface interiors are original and there are strict rules of how to use the buildings since they are so valuable. The scene décor are all copies from originals since they are used, the originals being safely tucked away. Therefor it is quite the feeling to wonder around the hallways and stairs, and the rooms where the actors/actresses had their dwellings, which has been trampled on by people, known and unknown since the 1760s…

I wore my blue anglaise with some more decorations on the front and last second bows of zigzag cut silk strips. My plan was to make a new dress, and suite for Peter a few weeks before this event, because I wanted to go long before I was asked to help with the music. But instead those weeks was spent with a less fun task, I had to make myself a new pair of stays since my old ones were done for and was really uncomfy. And anyone who have read previous posts know I totally hate making undergarments, it is a necessary evil. But if I wanted to go at all I had to face my torment in making a new pair. They are not finished yet though, I need to line them, and make shoulder straps, but they were enough finished for me to try them out and I am really satisfied actually! But more on that when they are totally done.

It was a splendid day and what better way is there to describe it than with pictures?

Annica and Thomas in Swedish court costumes, hers a repro of the 1778 style, and his in the style of the late 1780s.

We even got to climb up into the musicians stand over the Déjeunersalon where the musicians used to play for the people down in the salon, hidden so that it would seem the music came from the heaven, therefor the painted sky I guess.

And pictures from other sources.

Drottningholm Palace Theaters official site:

L.Å. Ohlsson :

Now I need to continue sewing for a happening this very Sunday, wish me luck!

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