onsdag 8 juli 2015

Mid 1840-50's dress and some plaid breeches with the rest

I am truly the laziest blogger. Sorry for that. I have been up to some sort of interesting stuff tho, like sewing a pair of pants for the first time ever basically for Peter, since we were off to some mid-19th century events this summer I kind of had to. And for myself I ended up sewing yet another white dress, of some cotton fabric I bought a few years back.
I stressed to get all done by the 6 of June when it was the national day’s big historical picnic. I didn’t get it all finished till then, but enough for us to look proper enough. The weather was a bit untrustworthy so we ended up just staying about two hours or so. I had waited foolishly till the night before to make the sleeves for my dress and they ended up a bit too tight which was a nag. Peter was also oddly complaining about freezing since I hadn’t had the time to do the coat I was planning, but we ended up with some pictures and a nice time while we were there at least.
I also sewed Peters new blue waistcoat.
 Picture by the host.

There were a few things that I needed to fix for the next time we were going to wear this a few weeks later. Peter most definitely needed his coat, a planned “linen” coat, in cotton tho cause the only fabric I had for this was some old curtains in non-bleached linen look, which had to do since I have forced myself to stop buying fabric unless I sew things from what I got laying around the apartment in thousands of boxes…  we live crowded as it is, no need for even more stashes of fabric. :P
The next thing was new sleeves on my dress, ant some boning in front I hadn’t gotten around to fix for the first wear. I ended up sewing on some lace as a try-on too around the neck this time. 

The fabric of the coat, or the curtains as it was from the beginning, was a nasty piece of work to deal with and put together, but I think I made it turn out rather well anyhow. And here are some detailed shots of the waistcoat, pants(and Peter looking funny).

And then we were off to the 19th century days at the open-air museum in Södertälje, Torekällberget. It’s like a small mini-town from the mid-19th century, one part is the city centre, the other part is like a mini countryside with some cows and ducks and so forth. We also tried a new look on Peter, and trimmed down his beard to a pair of sideburns, and I think it worked rather well!
And the curtains you see in the first picture here was the ones that became... the coat!

 When we got home I was sooooo tired after a hot day in the sun with 5 layers of skirts...

Over and out.

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  1. Wow! You look absolutely fantastic, and you and Peter are adorable together. Wonderful, wonderful dress.

  2. Hi,
    I want to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award.You can find all the detail about it on my blog www.nancyravencostumes.blogspot.ca .

  3. Damn! This gown is perfection! And the bodice... Whoa!