söndag 1 juni 2014

Photo session at Drottningholm

Finally some pictures have found their way to me from the photo session we had at Drottningholm in May. Drottningholm is the royal summer palace located a bit outside the city but still near enough so it is easy to get there, that’s why we went there on a little colder day before the big tourist season begin, it would have been impossible on a regular summers day.

A picture I took a few years back when we had a midnight picnic on the palace ground, so this was taken early in the morning when the sun rose and there was only us and the silent palace there, not even the guards was there yet!
But this time we were there at daytime. I think we were around ten people in all ages, and then some photographers, among them a lady I know a little more than the others, Maria. I must say she took the best pictures I have seen so far, and I will show you some of me, Peter and Tove!
Peter as always nowadays wore his meat costume, I really need to make him a new one so that he has something to choose between, he has only this one that works for earlier than the 1790’s and since I wore 1770’s styled garments he had to wear that once again since I am kind of a dictator when it comes to being dressed in sync with each other, and I knew they would want pictures of me and Peter together, so no can do, it does not work for me that he would wear regency while I’m in something  30 years earlier.
The quilted garb was inspired by the Janet Arnold one, which can be seen in some different varieties throughout the many movies set in the 18th century, such as Dangerous liaisons(1988) and The Aristocrats(1999).

I was however a bit underdressed in comparison to him, since I was wearing my quilted “at home” jacket, we imagined it to be a day when he, the rich merchant’s son came to propose to me, the noble man’s daughter, that’s why I am not so formally dressed, cause it was an unexpected visit! (yes I know it’s wierd, but I love making up stories…) I pimped it up, my jacket, the day before with some silk details such as ribbons in front and on the sleeves, and then I chose to wear a silk petticoat over the matching quilted one, it was quite cold that day. Both me and Peter had blue fingertops at the end of the day, but it was worth it! 
Photo by Maria Lindé

These five pics was the only few I took myself(or Peter) which perhaps show my quilt a tad more, or better than the other pics, and “cute-ass-Pete” in my little red riding hood cape since he was a bit cold. 

Pics of the jacket with matching petticoat, and a close up of the mitts  in the same fabric.
Now more Maria Lindé photos:
Tove in her beautiful swedish national gown, with the red ribbons symbolising she is from the kings quarters. I helped her fix it after she bought it second hand, it was then too short for her and very worn out, but now it looks all new again!

And then some from another photographer, Stefan Fasth:

The hair was all my own, I only used a so called “donut” to make it high in the front, so no false hair what so ever! But now afterwards I realise it was not a very flattering style on me, I look like an egg. Kind of like Caroline Mathilde of Denmark:

Well well, now I know I need to buy a bigger donut! ;)
I say so long for now with a picture I took at Drottningholm last year when a swan came by us on the way home to show us its beauty!

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  1. You didn't look like an egg at all! :D I love the pictures with you and Peter, they're so cute they remind me those Fragonard pics a bit, but I guess that's what you were aiming for. Swedish national gowns from this period are way too awesome!

    1. Thank you, I have no idea if that was the photographers aim, but I see what you mean! :)

  2. Lovely jacket! Just wondering here you purchased the quilted bedding? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! It is from a retail store chain here in Sweden called "Indiska" that have typical asian and indian-inspired things, all from clothing to interior things! :)