tisdag 13 maj 2014

18th century Masquerade

So, I have been totally busy with school and other stuff, so I didn’t really remember I had a blog to update even though I have something to write about.
In late march me and some friends, Elin from Madame Berg and Elisa from Isis wardrobe among others planned and made a masqued ball, sadly Elisa couldn't come in the end, but it was the annual one we have in march every year to remember the masqued ball where our Swedish king Gustaf III was deadly wounded and then 13 days later died from his injuries. It was some hectic weeks beforehand with planning and pre-work,  but it turned out really well and everyone seemed pleased in the end!
Since there was a lot to do with planning, I didn’t have any time making elaborate costumes for me and Peter, so we used some old stuff and since we both were wearing almost skin coloured garbs I got the great idea we should go as Adam and Eve:

 Me and Tove, who was some kind of fox/ forestfairy in a chemisedress I helped her with and then Peter at the right with the little leaf, yes, you can see where! ;)

The hedgehog I have here is my own hair actually, not all, but the front piece that is the hedgehog, because I needed to save time I placed a kind of halfwig in the back instead of doing the whole thing with my hair, and it is hard to do it on yourself, but I like to make as much as I can with my own hair even though it strains and stress the hair quite a lot.. but I don’t do this every day so I do it when I can!

This is my real long hair, or was, I cut it a week ago, so now it is 20 cm shorter, but when I did this hairdo, this is the hair I worked with. 

The night before the party.

And the final do, a little teased, and powdered.

I not only did my own hair, actually I made a wig for one of the musicians, and fixed up Toves as well: 

 The wig before the styling, a 70's disco hairdo, it hurt to remodel it...

 And afterwards!

Toves hedgehog with new curls!

I wore my chemise de gaulle in champange coloured silk in two parts, I made it that way so that I would have a separate skirt to use with other jackets, it's something I have done with most "dresses" i have with a roundgown look. From the beginning it had shorter arms, but later redid the arms to make the dress long sleeved.
I was so sunburned in the face here, that is why I'm so red, I even had a fever from it, not good, but you can see the shorter sleeves, and at the right the longer.
And then me and Tove had some fun with one of the rooms at the ball, our play-dungeon, where there was card games and other fun stuff to do, like getting your feature told by the mysterious “Madame M”, the tarot cards master, or putting the tail on the pig, our dear duke Carl, Gustaf III’s brother.
And of course be petrified by our scary built up lady in one end of the room holding a skull, and in the other end was our friend drunken Joachim who had passed out on Madam M’s table with a mess of cards just laying around him.
Duke Carl like a pig, painted by Tove!
Madam M Reading her cards for a customer.
The scary lady was built using one of my fitting dolls and a carved styrofoam head, and then I dressed her in my black silk mourningdress and filled the arms with rolled up towels and filled black gloves with paper. Finnaly she wore one of my wigs and shawls draped over the head so that you could only just make out that there was a face behind all of it.

But now some pictures from the evening itself!

Then Madam Berg opened her infamous pub "The drunkard's arms"!


And then me, tired as hell witing for a ride home in my red woollen cape on a stone outside the building.
This is all for now, but I hope it will not take as long for me to write the next entry since we were out this weekend for a photo shoot at Drottningholm, I am only waiting for all he pictures to be sent to us and then I will definitely show my new quilted jacket that I wore and what I hope will be a lot of nice photos!

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  1. Oh, you looked lovely! I must say I like the long sleeved version of your gown so much better! It's amazing how you organized the whole thing and cared about details, the "scary lady" is incredible!