lördag 27 december 2014

Christmas at Edsberg

I know it has been forever since I wrote anything, but something called life and laziness is holding me in a firm grip. We are slowly renovating our kitchen and I haven't really done much of anything else than school work. But a few weeks ago we had a little get together at Edsberg again, showing how a family in a house like it would have spent their Christmas in the late 1700s. We also had a lady with us playing on her little spinet, filling the house with wonderful music. Me, I sat most of the day in a little sideroom sewing to give the visitors a picture of how a lady could spend her time.
Marianne had made food with some helpers the days before, punsch and saffron pretzels were made for the visitors to have a taste of the 18th century.
I wore my blue gown, now with a little more decoration on the front, and Tove borrowed my quilt jacket for the day. I also made her hair agin, a little easy hairdo was the result!
Pictures from the day:

Pictures by me, Tove and E.Hansdotter.

What I was sewing on is a now finished lace cap for the 1830-40s since my latest project was a 1830s dress and now I am working on sewing a 1840s one. Next post will hopefully come in a day or two as I have a lot of pictures to show of the new dress! The next internship post will have to wait to a time when I feel like going through all the pictures from then.

Bye bye!

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  1. what a beautiful Christmas and your blue gown is stunning!