söndag 21 september 2014

Historical day at Edsberg castle

Once again we stepped back in to the old rooms of the mansion, or castle is the real term to use really. It is as so many other old buildings like it, placed down by a little cove so the scenery is quite lovely. I realised I hadn’t shown pictures of the house itself or the surroundings so here goes before we venture in to this specific days holdings. It was built in the 1750-60's to a man in the Swedish government.

Picture from 1906 I think, of the housemaids in front of the house.
So, to what we did this time. We were there to just make the old place a little more vivid, which was pretty much it. We had a little dressing show where I helped Tove put on her clothes in front of curious onlookers and I fixed her hair and let her have the great honour of wearing my newly made cap for the first time ever since it was finished earlier this summer. It is one of those peculiar little wired thingies and I just adore how it turned out with her hair!

She wore my dressing gown I made a few years back in a rush for a trip, before we started to put her clothes on. Some parts of them are mine to, like the pocket hoops. The dress however is made by another lovely seamstress. The funny thing is that I have things sewn in the same exact fabric, it would have been quite fun to match my jacket to her dress.  

But instead I ended up wearing my lazy-outfit, the quilted getup with a printed cotton, so called kattun, petticoat over. I also had a really bad hair day, so my hair just went simply up, no pretty rolls, no nothing, just a cap on. Sadly I got no pictures of another lady that borrowed some other clothes from my historical wardrobe which would have been nice to show, but I can show the clothes, because I had the same getup last summer, so here it is, and a more detailed view of the jacket:

But now the picture show from this day:
(I know the bedroom interior is totally wrong… but we are trying to make the best of it and hopefully it will change in the future.)

My hair after the pouff was taken out, volume much!

Till next time, toodeloo!

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  1. How awesome is this! I love the place and you ladies look gorgeous. Must say out of all outfits I actually like your simple jacket+petticoat outfit the most, it's lovely! And the coca-cola pic is so funny, I have a very similar one taken with a can of Pepsi in an 1860's dress :D It must be a very common thing to do among time travellers!