torsdag 9 januari 2014

So... a blog?

Yep, now it's my turn! Why a blog?

Well I have done this sewing business for quite some time now, in a historical sense since approximately 2005, but I have been sewing even longer. I still remember how I used to make small quilts in kindergarten, and when I was around 8 or 9 my school had a afternoon project for all kids who wanted to sew, I remember how I used to make these dolls called “sömntutor”(sleepyheads) with embroidered faces!

He has lost the pompom on the cap, but he still sits in my parent’s sitting room on the couch.

Nowadays I do what comes to mind and what I have time with, and sometimes what I need. Previously you may have seen my work through Deviantart in small pieces, but I felt it was time to try this platform, so here I am! Why it has taken me such long time to decide on bloging is because of a dilemma, I have been used for work, information, techniques, patterns and copycatted by someone I thought to be a friend, but then she sadly turned and showed her ugly backside against me and another dear friend which she backstabbed as a way to win me over in her favour, so I have had doubts about displaying my work openly for others to see since this will mean she can see it and use me again, but both my real friends, supporters and my lovely man has pushed me to overcome the fears of that happening again and getting hurt, so I see this as a bit of therapy to get my spirits up again and believe that I am the better part, and not the ugly, sloppy copy.

Why the name someone may wonder? Well it is Swedish, it says “Anno” which means something like “made in the year of”, and why 1776 then? This year in particular has no connection to me or anything I know of, more than in this year the Swedish king Gustaf III made a man called Liljensparre into a police detective, first one in Sweden anyway. But other than that I don’t really know. Why it became like this is because I found a decoration-trim for something a while ago in a secondhand store, with a weaved pattern and the text “Anno 1776”, therefore I thought it was perfect as my blogname, also since 18th century is what I mainly produce!

2 kommentarer:

  1. You make beautiful things, I'm so happy you have a blog. I understand how you would be nervous to show you're work because someone may try to copy you, but; if you blog it then you have proof that you did it first.

  2. Thank you, and you're right about that! :)