måndag 2 juni 2014

New layout and some gossip

So, as you can see I changed my layout a bit, it has taken some time since I’m not very technical and hasn’t figured it out until now… I suck at computers, which is weird since my father is a programmer and mechanic! Well, now I have successfully done it and I thought I would just say something about the picture. It is a picture from last year’s calendar Gustafs Skål made as a part of their 20 year anniversary. I became miss January, representing the only monthly picture where there was only one person involved. Anyways, today I am no longer a member of this historical society since I got tired of some of the founders way of constantly “protecting” their little baby, and in the process workes against most of the members who just wants to know how the society works, so it can continue even if they aren’t there. It is a miracle the calendar even exists as it was a frightening new idea, and hadn’t it been for a few old members involvement in the idea, it would have been ignored I believe, but luckily it wasn’t! 
But now after seven years of much fantastic things they have done too and after meeting some fantastic people, I am now very tired of always kissing asses, being worked against and watching more and more wonderful people quit GS because of how some of the so called  "honor-members", who has indirectly made a sort of noble society in the whole society which makes them untouchable be total assholes and bullying them out, I quit. So some of us who quit went together and made a new group. This group has funny enough after not even one year gained and accomplished more than GS has in over 20 years in many departments.. hehe..!  
I still love GS and some of the members there, but I can’t stay involved anymore, because it is smothering my historical enthusiasm making me hate it more than making me more involved and happy. It is sad in a way since it was GS who opened my eyes into this whole world of living history, but everything has an ending, luckily for me, it is just the end of the beginning, there is more to living history and costuming than GS!
Sorry about the blurting, but needed to write it out, it has been weighing me down sometime now, and it seemed like a good spot to “scream” a bit.

Anyways, this picture was part of the erotic calendar, that was made using interpretations of historical picture and paintings, and my picture was the interpretation of Le Lever de Fanchon by Nicolas Bernard Lépicié, 1773. Here is a side by side comparison:

Yes, it is some hairy legs you see, I do not shave. I believe neither did she. ;)
It is not a total likeness, but I think we did pretty good, I was the one who made up the bed out of two chairs and two short benches as the base! And the photographer, Staffan Huss, only took just this picture, he just snapped one and then we were done, and I’m happy it turned out so good, because I’m not that photogenic…
If you want to see more pictures from the calendar and read more, check out the post from Isis, who also was on the project!

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